Meet Jennifer Van Wormer



Jennifer Van Wormer is a California native, who lives on the Mendocino Coast with her Husband and her three kids, three dogs, and three horses. Jennifer has been enthralled by art since she was very young, dabbling in many mediums and exploring a multitude of aspects of artistic creation, including painting, silk mediums,sculpture, and even painting holiday pictures on business windows while living in Santa Cruz around the age of 10. In her adult life she went back to school majoring in Psychology and Art.



Her goal is to achieve her master’s in psychology and BA in Arts, though while diligently working to achieve her academic goals Jennifer can never deny the urge within to create. While her long-term life goals include one day helping trauma victims as an Art.Therapist, Jennifer has always had a passion for aiding her community and has been a volunteer for many localnon-profits since grade school. Everyday her drive pushes her towards creating beauty in the world, through the people she helps, and the art she creates.

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